About Crystal Rose Tank, DAOM

Dr. Crystal Rose Tank

Dr. Crystal Rose Tank been helping people along their healing path for over ten years. She began by receiving a Massage Therapist certification from Mueller College of Holistic Studies in 2008 and started providing health care via Holistic Health centers in San Diego.

Dr. Tank then graduated from Bastyr University with a doctoral focus in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine specifically targeting pain and pain-related conditions.

During her education, Dr. Tank served patients at Harborview Medical Center as part of the Pain and Anesthesiology team. On rounds, she helped patients with difficult-to-treat pain which did not respond well to the standard medications.

In 2017, she founded her own practice, Crystal Rose Acupuncture in Seattle, WA. Recognizing the humor of being an acupuncturist who is also afraid of needles, Dr. Tank invests in new technologies, techniques, and tools to alleviate needle-shyness and even uses needle-free acupuncture techniques when appropriate.

If you feel frustrated with Western medicine and numerous interventions that don’t work to resolve the issue of daily pain, and you’re looking outside “standard” answers to finally live without pain; then Dr. Crystal Tank offers treatments and tools to create the change you seek and help you feel better in the skin you’re in.